Kids in the Garden…More Like Kids Fighting in the Garden

kids fighting in the garden

I was planning to write a post about gardening with kids. Everyone’s writing them. They write about the joys of digging in the dirt with their kids and seeing the smiles on their faces when they bite into that first home-grown vegetable the child raised themselves.

But then I thought about it and realized, I don’t really like gardening with my kids.

You’d think as a homeschooling mom that I’d be overjoyed to incorporate living off the land into our curriculum. And I was. Until we actually tried it.

One early spring day I decided to pull out my seeds and plant a few in peat pots to prepare for the summer. I thought, the kids will love this. I’ll teach them about plant propagation, the importance of watering seedlings, and giving the plants enough light and nutrients. They’ll watch the entire life cycle from seed to our bellies. We’ll make charts and draw pictures and this will be our entire science curriculum for half a year. It’ll be great!


This is how it went.

I carefully laid newspaper down on the floor, but kids are kind of messy. Did you know that? Before we even got the seeds out, soil was all over the basement. My kids looked like Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs. It wasn’t fun…for me.

So, when the weather warmed up, I tried again, outside.

I gave my, then four-year-old, daughter a shovel and showed her where to dig in my square foot garden. I came back a few minutes later and all the soil was outside the garden, on the grass!

So then I thought, forget the digging, I’ll just let them plant the seeds. So they picked out sunflower seeds and we planted those in separate pots. The biggest mistake I made was, of course, not labeling the pots. Not with the tag “sunflower,” which I did, but with each of my kids’ names. Because here’s what happens when you forget to label with your kids’ names:

Kid 1: You watered my sunflower! MOM! He watered my sunflower! That’s MY sunflower!
Kid 2: No. This is MY sunflower. See, your pot had a chip in it.
Kid 1: No it didn’t! YOUR pot had a chip! That’s my pot!
Kid 2: No, it’s not.
Me: (squeezes bridge of nose)
Kid 1: YES, IT IS! (kicks watering can over)
Kid 2: (laughs at the drama of the kicked can)
Kid 1: (screams loudly enough for neighbors 60 houses away to hear)

And that’s when I quit and decided I don’t really like gardening with my kids.

I don’t like messes, I don’t like my valuable dirt all over the grass, and I don’t care for fights over stupid pots. I love my kids, but I don’t want to garden with them. It’s one of the few times I allow myself to get away…aside from after bedtime when I binge-watch Lost on Netflix for three hours.

I’ll let my kids play with the worms in my worm farm and I’ve caught my five-year-old digging through the compost bin. I’m cool with all that. But that’s about all I can handle.

My sons aren’t much into it anyway, I asked them what they think of gardening and they said, “boring” and “it’s too much work.” When I was a kid, my dad worked in the yard and he enjoyed it.  At the time my thoughts on all things yard were the same as my kids’ thoughts: BOR-ING. But by the time I hit my thirties and had a yard of my own, I suddenly liked yard work. So maybe my love for it will rub off on my kids. I hope.

My nine-year-old is beginning to appreciate gardening…a little bit. I gave him a pot to grow carrots this year. He’s growing orange, white and purple ones. He hates carrots, but at least he’s growing something. He filled the pot with dirt and planted the seeds. He started out watering them, but after a few weeks he forgot, so I took over. Everyday he asks to pick a carrot even though they’re not ready. He sees stuff happening. I guess it’s kind of fun. As long as he doesn’t touch my garden.

Do you enjoy gardening with kids? Am I the only one that doesn’t really like it?



10 thoughts on “Kids in the Garden…More Like Kids Fighting in the Garden

  1. Yvonne

    I’m sort of the opposite of you. As a kid I loved gardening and had my own patch. I was proud of my marigolds. Now it just feels like a chore. I’ve been trying to interest my girls in gardening for years, not so that we can garden together but so that they’ll do it for me! Sadly it hasn’t worked as yet.

  2. Dozens Bananas

    I’m a flower gardener with older kids who actually are helpful, or would be if I allowed them to do anything but be pack mules for hauling mulch and dirt. Like you, gardening is MY thing, and I don’t particularly care to share it.

  3. thevoltz2000

    I love gardening with my older daughter, though it is challenging what with the dirt everywhere and 20 seeds in a spot that should only have one, and the wanting to pick everything as soon as they see it. I give Sweets 3 separate galvanized bins and she can choose what she wants to go in them and then the rest of the garden space is mine. i get all twitchy when she starts to mess with my garden. She actually is quite good at keeping things watered and while she likes the THOUGHT of the veggies growing, the thought of EATING them? Not so much.

  4. Kristi Campbell - findingninee

    UGH. I tried to garden (sortof, mostly flowers as our yard is tiny and crappy) with Tucker. He was awesome about helping me water the flowers because, you know, WATER, but then picked them all and gave them to me. They haven’t really grown back.


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