Cleaning Up a Garden Full of Weeds

Y’all we finally moved to a new house three weeks ago, so I’m reviving this blog. The new house even came with a garden. Check it out.

weedy garden mess

Oh no they di’int?

Oh yes, they did leave me with this junk. It’s okay, it’s my new project.

Under all those weeds and mint and boards and dead blueberry bush there’s a drip irrigation system. Do I know how to use it? Nope. Will I learn? Um…eventually…maybe.

There’s also a rain barrel. I don’t even know how to hook that thing up. At least I think it’s a rain barrel. My husband removed the lid and looked inside and jumped straight up in the air. There was a log in the bottom. A log made him jump.

And there are rabbits. There are 3,423,349,342 rabbits in our neighborhood to be exact. I counted them. I’ve seen ONE squirrel and 3,423,349,342 rabbits in three weeks. I made rabbit repellent yesterday, so I’m going to test it out and write a post about it. I also started putting up chicken wire everywhere, but I can’t find my staple gun to staple it to the fence, so it’s more like a wavy jungle gym for the rabbits to play on.

So far the garden looks like this.

messy garden project

I had started some tomatoes and peppers from seed at our old house, so I brought the growing plants with me when we moved. I’ve been square-foot gardening for the past five years, so this directly-in-the-ground gardening is kind of new to me. I’m sure there will be a lot of mistakes.

And this is my little strawberry patch (there are two of these).

strawberry patch

I had to bid farewell to my raspberry patch in my old yard. It wasn’t tearful, but I felt a little verkelmpt. The new owners are probably eating my raspberries, the ones I started from two little canes, right now for breakfast, on a bed of fluffy pancakes with real maple syrup and melted butter.

What I’ve got growing:

In the ground: tomatoes, peppers, strawberries, green beans (I replanted more this morning)
In pots: carrots, thyme, basil, chives and oregano
If I’m not too lazy, I’ll add: kale and lettuce

Future of this blog:

I’ll be amping up this blog to make it look sharp now that I’ve been to BlogU and learned how to make my blog not look like crap. I’m going back to my previous five posts and making everything look tight. So hold on to your gardening trowels, I’ll be back!

In the meantime, I created this Pinterest board for this blog. So go follow it: I Try to Grow Stuff.

Next post will be about Phallic Fungus I found in my yard. No lie.



13 thoughts on “Cleaning Up a Garden Full of Weeds

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  2. Jean

    We have so many rabbits too! They eat all our hostas and at my friend’s house, they eat all her lilies and leave the hostas alone. WTF? My attempts at gardening this year have been awful. All our seedlings died. I’m happy you’re settled from the move enough to get this blog going again- I need it.

  3. Cary Vaughn

    I know you don’t have a squirrel problem, but what concoction did you make to repel the rabbits (I’m wondering – and willing to see – if it will get rid of the pesky squirrel infestation with which I am dealing.

    1. Can I Get Another Bottle of Whine? Post author

      I googled and searched on Pinterest. I found all kinds of concoctions. The most common ingredient seems to be some kind of spicy substance (e.g. Tobasco) and then something to make it stick (e.g. dish soap). The other day I took a gallon size jug, threw in a tablespoon of Tobasco (approx.) some cayenne pepper and a tablespoon of dish soap, then let it sit in the sun for two day – actually it’s still sitting there because I haven’t tried it yet since the rabbit ate all my beans and I need to wait for the ones I replanted to start coming up again. I read other concoctions that involved urine, but I’m not that diehard. That’s just disgusting – I wonder if it was a joke.

  4. Joy in Comfytown

    This is awesome¡! I have tried to learn about gardening and it sucks, and I suck. Hopefully having a humor writer write about it, I’ll actually pay attention and learn something.


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