What To Expect From This Blog

Allow me to set your expectations low, that’s my forte.

I am not a Master Gardener. I am a fumbling, took a few gardening classes, trial and error, Gardener.

I grow things I can eat. I can’t grow grass. My husband and I typically kill it, as evidenced by this photo.

weed and grass killer

But I can grow vegetables and fruit. I’ve been growing them for six years.

I once asked my husband what he thought I was passionate about and his first response was “your garden.” I was pretty surprised at that. I didn’t think I was that passionate about it. But I guess the average person doesn’t have four compost bins, a worm farm, and a room devoted to their seedlings and gardening supplies.

At my other blog, Can I Get Another Bottle of Whine?, I write mostly humor, so to continue with that theme I’ll be writing about gardening with humor. Because there’s some funny crap (literally) going on in the garden.

Here’s what you can expect me to write about:

– my foibles and the mistakes I make and have made, like that time I planted a watermelon seed and a sunflower came up.

– my worms and their poop. Because who can resist worm poop?

– my grand attempts to compost.

– what seeds I use, my soil composition, how I keep pests out, how I killed my blueberry bushes, how I grow seedlings, and other things gardening minds want to know.

I’ll post at least weekly when the growing season is happening…at least that’s my plan. Until then, I will post sporadically. So if you garden and you like to laugh then you’ll want to subscribe via email, so you don’t miss any posts. How’s that for a smooth plea?

Check out my About page if you don’t already know me from my other blog and to learn a little about my garden.

29 thoughts on “What To Expect From This Blog

  1. Beth Teliho

    gardening + humor = genius! Love this idea, Kate! I have some pretty big gardens in my very small backyard. The main one along the back fence is all perennials, a crape myrtle, and some vines. Along the side of the house I have a bulb garden on one side and a vegetable garden on the other. I’ve grown kale, carrots, broccoli (the broccoli didn’t make it), and peppers. Also some herbs, but most of those are in the beginning of the bulb garden. The kale and carrots were AMAZING. I grew so many carrots I STILL have some in my freezer! It felt so cool to be eating something we (my kids are my assistants) made all by ourselves!
    Looking forward to future posts from you, Kate. 🙂

      1. JennSomethingClever

        I’ve killed SIX cacti! Beat that! But I’ve been faring better on outdoor gardening (coming up on my third spring), and I have a lot to learn. I’d like to learn it from you.

  2. Stephanie Sprenger

    I totally love this idea! You are so awesome! I bet I will actually learn some things from you… and laugh, of course. We had some green beans like that last summer. They were disgusting and inedible. Obviously.

  3. kenknudson

    I’m just tickled pink to see that someone else didn’t read the whole label on the weed killer bottle. I did the exact same thing to my yard last summer — really does a number on grass, huh?

  4. davromega

    I used to have a garden, but sadly an unable to take care of one anymore. It kinda sucks because I prefer my veggies raw and it is difficult to trust the veggies from the store enough to eat them raw! I think maybe I will see about those new hanging self contained things they have. I know they do tomatoes and am pretty sure they have moved on to a couple other veggies as well.

  5. Lizzi R

    Oooh! A side to you I know nothing about! This should be fun.

    And I’m always impressed by gardeners, because I have whatever the opposite of ‘Green Fingers’ are, and have been referred to as ‘less nurturing than a desert’ after I killed a drought-resistant, bulletproof plant.

  6. Katie @ The Surly Housewife

    What a great idea! Can’t wait to read all about your gardening adventures 🙂 We weren’t able to have a garden last year because it was waaaaaay to muddy. Anxious to start this years. And yes the world needs more humorous gardening blogs. Hell, more humor in general. Good luck!!

  7. Sandy Ramsey

    I think this is a great idea! I would love to have some tips on gardening and throw in a little humor, we have a winner! This crazy idea of yours just might work…I’m signing up 🙂

  8. findingninee

    You know about worm poop? I hate our lawn. Of course, I do not blame myself as I am the master flower grower and garden slave to my dad’s garden growing up. I blame northern VA and that the grass here is just sucky compared to Colorado (you lived here – admit it, the grass sucks). That bean? Is a freak of nature. Or you are incredibly gifted. Either way, I’m following.

  9. Jen

    I have a whole series of photos dedicated to how my husband killed our lawn with weed killer when I was in South Carolina! Maybe there’s a guest post in there for you!


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