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What To Expect From This Blog

Allow me to set your expectations low, that’s my forte.

I am not a Master Gardener. I am a fumbling, took a few gardening classes, trial and error, Gardener.

I grow things I can eat. I can’t grow grass. My husband and I typically kill it, as evidenced by this photo.

weed and grass killer

But I can grow vegetables and fruit. I’ve been growing them for six years.

I once asked my husband what he thought I was passionate about and his first response was “your garden.” I was pretty surprised at that. I didn’t think I was that passionate about it. But I guess the average person doesn’t have four compost bins, a worm farm, and a room devoted to their seedlings and gardening supplies.

At my other blog, Can I Get Another Bottle of Whine?, I write mostly humor, so to continue with that theme I’ll be writing about gardening with humor. Because there’s some funny crap (literally) going on in the garden.

Here’s what you can expect me to write about:

– my foibles and the mistakes I make and have made, like that time I planted a watermelon seed and a sunflower came up.

– my worms and their poop. Because who can resist worm poop?

– my grand attempts to compost.

– what seeds I use, my soil composition, how I keep pests out, how I killed my blueberry bushes, how I grow seedlings, and other things gardening minds want to know.

I’ll post at least weekly when the growing season is happening…at least that’s my plan. Until then, I will post sporadically. So if you garden and you like to laugh then you’ll want to subscribe via email, so you don’t miss any posts. How’s that for a smooth plea?

Check out my About page if you don’t already know me from my other blog and to learn a little about my garden.